Divergence strategy with bollinger bands

Forex Divergence strategy with bollinger bands play imported role in chart trading/In divergence method of trading too much simple i also post some chart picture for trading.How you can trading in divergence with bollinger band?

Step One

Past all indicator in chart indicators folders.

Template files into mt4 template folder.

Active just platform In any pair we prefer eurusd.

Up trend that will show you bullish and down trend for bearish in chart.

Bollinger band with divergence will show you clear up or down trend in all market trad session.

The cost ought to be over the upper Bollinger Bands marker in the event of a bearish uniqueness and in the same way the cost ought to be beneath the lower Bollinger Bands pointer if there should arise an occurrence of a bullish divergence.

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Divergence strategy Divergence strategy with bollinger bands

Down line clear show you buy trend in chart picture with bollinger band and Divergence. Atr Indicator also help for trend clarification in all currency or silver pair.


Divergence strategy with bollinger bands



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