Stoclye High Low Middle indicator

Stoclye High Low Middle strategy  depend two just indicators.Its too much easy for trading In all forex trading brokers.Price action trading with high and low stoclye:

best for big pips target.Trad with any broker but low spread broker give you more best result for high and low strategy method.

Rules for High and low Trading

  • Follow For trading low line for buy trading and high for sell trading.
  • Support and resistance Indicator also use with this strategy.
  • Follow Long tern trend trading with 100 pips target.
  • Trad any session but japan best for long term pips trading.

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Stoclye High Low Middle Stoclye indicator system

Volume indicator if you use with this syste then you can get 90% accurate

daily forex signals just following trend high and low strategy.Only trad small volume if you  dont have big account and try to use must stop loss.


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