Auto Trend Lines Indicator MT4 2024 (the Most Accurate One)

Hi traders, I would like to share with you a trading tool that will help you in your trading. It is called the auto trend lines indicator mt4 2023 . This article will teach you how to use it and how it can be part of your strategy for profitable trading.

I have been using this indicator for more than five years now Trend Strategies and I think everyone should have it in their arsenal of tools to trade with.

The aim of this is not only create an automated system but also provide useful information that may change the way we see market dynamics and general market behavior which other indicators do not show us.

At first glance, many traders ask me why does such Trend Reversal indicator need when there are other indicators that already on MT4 platform? All the indicators serve the same purpose, and in most cases when you see them they seem to show the same thing.

Best Auto Trend Line indicator MT4 2024

The answer is no! We all know that when we place two objects beside each other and put a little distance between then we notice that one object blocks the view of another object even though both objects can be seen and at different angles.

Auto trend lines indicator mt4

This happens because human eye has difficulty with parallel lines especially if we see them near each other. When we use multiple technical tools on our charts, it’s almost certain that traders will not be able to determine which trend line is relevant or significant enough for future price action or analysis. So, don’t get lost in so much information which leads to confusion and less profitable trading decisions! And this indicator is the solution.

The indicator uses only one parameter which is the number of concurrent trend lines.

And this parameter can be adjusted by traders according to their trading system or personal preferences. For example, if you are scalping then 5 trend lines may not suit you because your trades will be shorter in timeframes and also smaller in size compared to a day trader who will trade higher timeframe and larger position sizes.

Drawing Trend Lines Technique

The auto trend line indicator mt4 automatically draws these trend lines on your charts for 30, 60, 120 and 240 minutes (candle periods). You can choose any timeframe that fits your strategy and each consecutive timeframe works Trend Scanner perfectly with the previous one i.e., 1 hour trend line shows significant information for 30 minutes chart; 30 minutes chart uses information from 1 hour and so on.

What we can see is that these trend lines show us more than one thing: – Short term support and resistance – Reversals – Continuation

All of these can be seen on different timeframes which will make it easier and profitable to trade the market. As I mentioned before, this indicator uses only one parameter which is the number of concurrent trend lines (parameter can be adjusted by trader).

How to trade using the Trendlines Indicator

How to trade using the Trendlines Indicator?

Now you might ask what if we want to draw more than five lines? Can we do that? The answer is yes; simply change the parameter of your indicator at any timeframe to provide yourself with necessary information (higher timeframe) or relevant information for smaller timeframe Doji Candlestick. And now, let’s take a look at the screenshot on how these lines look like where you can see all of the mentioned points above.

Following are some examples of this indicator usage: – Support & resistance level on smaller timeframe with higher timeframe that shows possible trend reversal – Expanding range breakout on lower timeframes that is accompanied by 30 minutes chart that has consolidation or expanding range breakout which breaks down to below the expanding range giving us short entry for continuation trade.

The best thing about this technical tool is that it’s fully customizable and very flexible since ADX Indicator Strategy it uses only one parameter. You can use it in multiple ways which will help you to improve your trading accuracy, lessen false entries and make more profitable trading decisions.

How to add AutoTrendLines in MT4

I am sure you will this indicator beneficial if used correctly within your trading system.

This indicator (Auto trend lines indicator mt4) is available at Our website to download for free, and you can use it on any timeframe that suits your needs since this technical tool has multiple benefits. To get the best results it’s recommended to follow these steps: – Decide which timeframe you will use the most to draw the trend line according to your strategy or time frame of trading. For example if you trade higher timeframe then choose 30 minutes chart or one hour chart; if you are day trader than 15 min chart will be better for you, etc .

Auto trend lines indicator MT5

Following our own rules while using this technic will help us in getting more accurate information which eventually leads to profitable trading decisions!For those who don’t want to download this indicator they can simply follow our website where we provide you with chart screenshots of different timeframes.

I hope my post is informative for traders, thanks for reading!

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