BB MACD Indicator Strategy For MT4

bb macd indicator strategy is a technical trading strategy using bb macd indicator. It is trend following and it is suitable for long term investments such as Forex, stocks, commodity or what you name it. This article will teach you how to make bb macd indicator strategy with the most simple method possible.

We use BB MACD Indicator in this Strategy

  1. a)  bb macd  indicator shows trend and momentum of any market we invest on all at once; thus we can easily see the right timing to enter and exit our trade with just one look at our screen.
  2. b) High probability buy and sell signals are given by bb macd  indicator as well as other oscillators such as rsi.
  3. c) bb macd  indicator is based on moving averages and that makes it easy to understand and to follow.
  4. d) It is free to be downloaded from the net MACD Indicator Settings thus we don’t have to spend for additional price for using it; now who doesn’t love a freebie? hahaha!
  5. e) If you are a beginner in technical analysis, this strategy will be a good one for you because there is no complex terms or calculation involved making it easier for learning purposes.
  6. f) Since this strategy follows trend, it will produce less loss compared to other strategies which tend to catch range market Hidden Macd divergence condition which can lead into drawdown. Lesser drawdown means lesser stress and more chance for positive result.
  7. g) The strategy is tested and works well on months MACD Alert Indicators and years data. Months and years data tend to have steadier market condition than other time frames such as hourly, 4 hour or 1 hour. This means that we can assume that the market condition will remain steady for days, weeks or even months thus enabling us to get into good position with high chances of success.

bb macd indicator strategy

And there are many more reasons why we choose bb macd  indicator; feel free to grind all out! hahaha! And also because it’s a freebie will make you happy like me

2 line MACD indicator

2 line MACD indicator MT4 Download

Here is the list of things we need in order to build the bb macd  indicator strategy.

  1. Download bb macd  indicator from its website Macd Color Indicator which is located here .
  2. Install the indicator on your Metatrader 4 platform.
  3. When done, select ‘time series’ in your technical indicators list. Click it then click properties to set the default time period for bb macd  indicator calculation to 12 or you can also do this when you open up a new chart by inputting the time period manually under custom indicator setting box just beside the input box where you type in your indicator setting; refer image below:
  4. a) Don’t forget to change it back to 1 if you macd divergence indicator will use hourly, daily, weekly or monthly chart.
  5. c) If you will use daily, weekly or monthly chart and input the time period manually under custom indicator setting box; don’t forget to click on the box beside(default) before changing it back to 1 if you will use hourly chart.