Top 10 Strongest Currencies In the World 2023

highest currency in the world

In this article we will discuss about the Top strongest currencies in the world. The trading currencies that are used broadly in the market trading for the trading purpose. There are a lot of trading currencies that are used for …

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Eurusd Again Down On Fomc News 160 Pips

chart forex system

EURUSD.After Fomc usd again week and make a new low 1.0905.Usd again weak On FOmc News Now next point usd will be strong and again touch 1.9100 Possible up long trend .Moving averge  Also Now strong sell Point But i …

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How to Open a Forex Demo Account For Free 2023

Forex Demo Account Open

If you’re interested in trading foreign currencies, it’s important to open a demo account before you start risking your own money. A demo account allows you to trade with virtual currency and practice your strategies without the risk of losing …

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