Price action

How to Trade with the Piercing Line Pattern?

Parallel Lines Pattern in Excel Charts

Technical analysis is a very popular part of finance, and it has become a major part of trading as well. It is well known that technical analysis helps you in making better investment decisions. For newbies to technical analysis, this …

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Best 1 Minute Scalping Strategies and Indicators MT4

1 minute Trading Strategy

Scalping is a trading strategy that involves profiting off of small price changes in a security. Scalpers look for liquidity in the market, and enter and exit trades quickly to take advantage of price fluctuations. Scalpers typically use technical indicators …

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Average Volume Indicator for MT4 and MT5

Average Volume Indicator

An Average Volume Indicator is a type of volume indicator which displays the average value of a stock over a specified time period. They are often used as an analysis tool by trading companies and investors to monitor long-term trends …

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5 Minute Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy for MT4

Easy scalping strategy

Profitable Forex Scalping Strategy The terrific scalping machine consists of 2 transferring averages with green/red trend bars indicator. We purchase pull backs in an uptrend while promoting retracements in a down fashion. We hold our risk as low as feasible …

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Candlestick Trading Bible Patterns PDF Guide

Japanese Candlestick Patterns Bible

Candlestick Bible PDF is a free software to use for any trading. This software was designed by the world renowned trader and author of the book “Candlesticks: Are They Important?” and is meant for the beginner or intermediate trader. This …

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Cheat Sheet Candlestick Patterns PDF Free

Advanced Cheat Sheet Candlestick Patterns

Cheat sheet candlestick patterns is a cheat sheet that you can use to help you figure out what patterns are possible for the future of the stock, futures and Forex markets. What are Cheat Sheet Candlestick Patterns PDF When you’re …

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Cup and Handle Pattern PDF Guide

Cup and Handle Chart Pattern Python PDF

A cup and handle pattern is a chart that shows the relationship between price and trading volume. It can be used to predict trends in prices, identify price support levels, and determine the probability of a breakout or breakdown. A …

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