Close All Orders/Positions for MT4/MT5 (EA)

When you are an expert Trader Close All Orders/Positions or advisor then orders management is something very necessary for you while working with the trading tools. In some cases when there is risk and market is fluctuating then there’s a need to close all the orders at the same time in a single click.

Most Forex Traders don’t find it possible Phoenix Indicator to do but this close all orders indicator for meta Trader 4 and 5 allows you to do so with efficiency. It is a script that closes all open orders in a single click and it is similar to close all positions for meta Trader 5.

MQL4 close all orders

As an expert Trader it is necessary for you to take safety measures to protect yourself from big losses. Risk management is a fundamental tool that can keep you safe from market losses. So if I condition is met there you have to close all the orders at the same time and in a single click then this is the tool.

Close All Trade Button on Screen

The examples below shows the conditions that can trigger the clear of all orders:

. a certain event is causing immense fluctuation Elliott Wave Count in the exchange rate of the market.

. As such type of news or report is coming out that can badly affect the prices.

These are the few examples of the conditions that can push you to close all your open trades and positions in a single click.

Logic of MQL4

  1.  scan all orders with the help of a loop
  2. update the current prices
  3. close the order with the correct price
  4. keep a check on the success of this operation if the operation is not successful and it will return error.

Possible improvements

The function itself is a complex one but you can add filters to it and get the desired output:

  1.  with the help of this indicator you can close all the others that are in profit
  2. similarly you can also close all the orders Support Resistance Indicator that are in loss.
  3. also if you want to close the order of a specific pair it is also possible
  4. you can also close all the address that have specific magic numbers
  5. there are many other filters as well you can use them and secure your trade.

MQL4 close all orders

How to install MT4 Close All Orders:

Follow the instructions to install the script:

  • First get the archive file from us or anywhere you want
  • Open the indicator folder in MQL4.
  • Then select the file from the folder in which it is and put it into mql4 folder.
  • Refresh the MQL4 open it after closing Trend Indicator it one time you will see that the indicator is added.

MT5 Bulk Operations vs. Close All Positions script

Even though meta Trader 5 offers a bulk closing orders facility but it is not much reliable app or appropriate as much as this indicator that you are reading about. There are many meta Trader 5 bulk operations such as:

  1. you can filter by position commentary
  2. you can also filter by Magic numbers
  3. sorting before closing
  4. to put delays before closing
  5. you can also avoid slippage and control it
  6. you can also access the indicator very speedily just with the help of your keyboard
  7. there are many more customizations you can do them according to your ease.

The whole theory that is provided above how an order closing indicator works and how can you get access to that indicator.

It provides you with a very high degree of control on all your trades. We hope that after going through this article you will have increase your knowledge about this and now you can use it more efficiently to your profit.