Forex Bank Trading System For MT4

Get Forex bank trading strategy Mostly use this strategy for bank trading with monthly target just 10% your all amount investment.Bank buy or sell any currency pair then trend mostly effect this buy or sell with all word trader big companies.

You can use this bank trading system any currency or silver with complete stop loss pips target 100 pips in long term trading and for short trading 50 pips target.Best trading hour uk market open gap time and close time.

Forex Bank Indicator

Forex bank Trading

Candlestick chart patterns indicator free

forex gold rush Trading system

Follow all arrow trend with Rsi indicator zigzag support resistance.For gold trading you can use small time frame if you have good account balance like 5000$ then you can use h1 time frame.

Best Indicator for Bank Trading

Keep in mind all trad rule before use this system must enter market with complete take profit and stop loss.For download this indicator system click down link then zip file download indicators .

Check out all major market indicator then sell or buy with small lot if you have 100$ balance then use 0.01 volume.Up line for buy trend sell line for sell trend when all indicator show you same trend then buy or sell.