Golden Pickaxe EA Review for MT4 & MT5 (Auto Expert Advisors)

Do you know about this Golden Pickaxe EA? Today I will tell you about new and best EA Forex robot that help you for making money in forex market. Golden Pickaxe EA Review For traders seeking profitability in the volatile XAUUSD market, the Golden Pickaxe EA offers a potential solution.

And the ratio of success in Forex trading is much more than traditional market Golden Pickaxe EA Review.

Golden Pickaxe MetaTrader 5

This fully automated advisor has undergone rigorous back-testing using real ticks from 2023 to 2024 and currently demonstrates strong performance across various brokers. Forex trading is becoming the center of interest for traders.

Golden Pickaxe EA

Key Details:

  • Symbol: XAUUSD
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Recommended Deposit: $150

Notable Features of Golden Pickaxe EA

1.     Safe Trading Strategies:

Forex trading is very safe and risk ratio is low. Golden EA employs safe trading strategies, avoiding risky methods like martingale, grid, double lot, averaging, or other potentially hazardous approaches.

This ensures that your investment is shielded from the risk of substantial losses.

2.     Investment Protection:

The EA executes only one order at a time, always safeguarded by a stop-loss. This protective mechanism guarantees that your investment remains shielded from potential losses.

3.     Pure Price Action:

Golden Pickaxe EA relies exclusively on pure price action for trade entry, ensuring that you receive trading signals rooted in the market’s behavior.

4.     News Filter Gold EA:

The EA includes a news filter that halts trading before high-impact news events, Golden Pickaxe EA Review reducing drawdown and ensuring trading occurs during safer conditions. News filters are very helpful for growth in Forex market.

5.     Smart Time Filter:

The smart time filter feature helps the EA avoid unexpected market movements, such as sharp fluctuations, gaps, or other adverse conditions that may lead to losses.

Golden Pickaxe EA Review

Installation Instructions Golden Pickaxe Forex Robot

To install Golden Pickaxe, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Allow web requests to the following URLs for the news filter (remove spaces!):
  2. Open the MT4 platform, navigate to the “File” menu, and select “Open Data Folder.”
  3. Copy the Golden Pickaxe EA file into the “MQL4” folder.
  4. Restart the MT4 platform.
  5. Drag and drop the Golden Pickaxe EA onto the XAUUSD chart.
  6. Ensure that the expert advisor button on the top toolbar is activated.
  7. Golden Pickaxe EA is now ready for use.

Gold Expert Advisor (Golden Pickaxe)

The Golden Pickaxe EA stands as an effective expert advisor designed to deliver secure and profitable trading signals for XAUUSD traders. As forex trading is gaining huge popularity nowadays as compared to traditional market.

With its advanced features and secure trading strategies, this EA serves as a dependable tool for traders seeking to profit in the XAUUSD market. Forex trading can help you become a millionaire in your young ages.