Harmonic Pattern Indicator 2024 MT4 Download Free

Harmonic Pattern Indicator is a forex trading Oscillator who can be work for MT4 trading platform, this is a comprehensive indicator who can be come for short and long terms as well. This is a best indicator like others who can be optimistic and multi time frames for MT4 trading which can be start from one minute to one hour trading frame. This harmonic pattern indicator is much more than that what we see in trading but this indicator for traders best and valuable tool for trading.

Metatrader 4 is called MT4 in short term which is related to forex trading and this particular Oscillator can be work for this trading strategy platform.

  • As we see that scalper is for time frame which can be released trading from one minute to one hour and this can be increasing by time which is called h4, h5 and many more other, used in indicator to identify trends trading opportunities.
  • This particular short term is h4 but long term is more important than that using by trader to be in right position which is called D1 means one day indicator to trade.

Harmonic Pattern Indicator MT5 Free


Harmonic Pattern Indicator MT5

People are using indicators for forex trading and for them it is very important to understand this indicator work and importance level before using it which is necessary for everyone. Harmonic patterns indicator is designed for very high level analysis system to make sure every currency pair and pattern prevailing in market to depending in historical data for trading.

Harmonic Pattern Indicator

Harmonic Pattern Detection

EZ Harmonic Pattern

We can see triangle conjointly lines in above range of chart, labeled  to using letters like A, B,C,D and X called vertical triangle. These vertical triangle we can see in pair of X and A, other one is C and D, both are make an common triangle vertex which is B. This triangle has a basic summary text to show right place and has a right corner where this place order.

Shepherd Harmonic Pattern


Harmonic indicator has a profitable Impulse levels can take place in any target level which can be shown and  work for stop loss to make profit. Vertex can be form  to see market price level at place your cursor. If we clearly and closely see triangle then we are capable to see formed triangle on historical data, this price level show numbers in below as butterfly shape line in given chart.

Non Repaint Harmonic Pattern Indicator PDF

  • INDICATOR patterns are prevailing what traders expect in future depending on time frames and through this explain every single moment. To try indicator’s current and previous patterns for beginning of X vertex to see market wave.
  • We can see wave profit level which can be start form X vertex and then it take place towards A and end in B point. Like this wave B and C should work and stops at D to predict help of current indicator wave of trend market level.
  • B and C vertex are work so hard to complete level before starting the other vertical part just to make sure it’s running properly and completing task.


Harmonic indicator’s section is attach with profit levels and verticals too, we were discuss in previous discussion. This section is attached to waves which can be move in particular pairs like X, A and B shape. If we look patterns in high time frame like H1 then this realize differences which can be predict in chart. This trend can be end at one time and point after completing vertical pairs section to see market prices hit and low levels range.

Non Repaint Harmonic Pattern Indicator

Butterfly Harmonic Pattern

Doji Pattern Indicator

Currency Hedging Strategy

This section has a great benefit that  shows begging and end level price range and chart bar to show current moves and trend. Here we can see it’s some fictional part.

Harmonic Patterns Scanner MT4

1: New strategy has a great brand new patterns can be found in financial markets, has ability to repeat all pattern and chart trend to guide new fractal strategies. Butterfly pattern is one of most popular trend in this indicator section which is based on bullish and bearish diagram system to design for reveal trend strengthen and make this trend more stronger. By using triangle to create butterfly pattern design more powerful and determine for trend system to traders.

2: After it we can see that how others section can work and support traders to make money and how to use this indicator for benefit, gartley pattern is most usable pattern in harmonic indicator frequently use in harmonic patterns to start similar price action range. This pattern identify many factors like breakout, resistance and ratio fiction to show best results.

Candlestick Pattern

3: Here we can see another pattern section which is grab pattern, this has a ideal pattern to compose for traders to check out all prices movements. This has a many security features to return all low crab patterns which is best part of it.

Harmonic Patterns Scanner MT4

Abcd Pattern Indicator MT4/MT5


To may cut discussion short we may say that harmonic patterns indicator is one of best solution of traders to make mechanical decisions like price action chart of forex trading strategies which can be based on MT4 trade system. This system has many security sections and patterns which we 9 discussed in whole part in different shapes . In this we are witness of vertex levels which are based on A, B, c, d and X level positions have in pairs shape to complete all process for multiple reasons of high to higher quality waves. This waves vertex complete it’s part to running properly and completing whole task given by traders to trend.

Harmonic Pattern Indicator For MT4 Download Free

However, we are also discussed it’s particular sections which is based on butterfly, grab and gartley pattern to show best security features and has great benefits of it every time in trading lines to trade high to higher level like day 1 to 1 month and for making this trading great we can be required all basic data and knowledge about it which are best for traders. This is a best software to show price worth range and make money and in this it’s usage can full all requirements.