Hedging Strategies Forex Indicators For MT4

Today all trader majority trad with hedging strategies forex market.This policy not easy for all new trader take time for understanding full hedging method.Some time when account any trad runing loss then trader too much confused how handle now this trad so final again open another lot if 1st buy trad loss then he open sell volume lot same.so this indicator will inform you how you can exit trad without any loss.Before trad must understand all trad indicators system rule other wise you will face again loss.Asia session market best for hedging as well another not much accurate give you result.

Hedging strategies forex indicators

Hedging Trading rules

  • Trad only asia market session for profitable result.
  • All indicator setup just active template in meta4.
  • There down indicator stoch,macd,rsi Give you exit trad trend in all time period.
  • Above chart moving average with bollinger bands ashow market down or up trend.
  • Green line if cross red line its means now sell zone same red line if cross then buy trend.
  • Down hedging strategy click end last post.


Mt4 daily ri,r2,r3 show market resistance and down show support market.Follow all there down with above indicator for daily market trend.

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