Klinger Volume Oscillator Indicator MT4 (PDF, Chart Setting, Formula)

The Klinger volume oscillator indicator MT4 forecast price reversals in a market by examining the relationship between trading volume and price movements.

For trading software that exclusively Stochastic Oscillator Strategy utilizes daily volume data, this indicator is most effective when applied to timeframes at the daily level or higher, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

Trading volume Indicator represents the number of units of a specific security or index traded within a given time frame.

Klinger Volume Oscillator Indicator & Strategy

Similar to most oscillators, the Klinger volume oscillator PDF relies on the difference between two exponential moving averages (EMAs). Shorter EMAs give more weight to recent price data, while longer EMAs consider Chande Momentum Oscillator data further in the past.

Klinger Volume Oscillator Indicator

For instance, in traditional technical analysis, a 50-period EMA crossing above a 200-period EMA is viewed as a bullish signal because the 50-period EMA reacts more swiftly to current prices.

Profitable Trading Strategy  klinger volume oscillator Chart settings

When a shorter EMA (with fewer periods) surpasses a longer EMA (with more periods), it indicates an uptrend in prices.

Shorter EMAs are more responsive to recent Ichimoku Kinko Hyo price data, while longer EMAs consider data from further in the past.

In traditional technical analysis, a bullish signal occurs when a 50-period moving average crosses above a 200-period moving average, primarily because the former reacts more quickly to current prices.

Basic Klinger Volume Oscillator Formula

The Klinger volume oscillator Formula introduces the concept of a volume force, which is calculated using the following formula:

Volume Force = volume  trend temp  100

Volume represents the units traded, while the trend factor assesses price high, open, and close values relative to their past readings, assigning +1 for a positive trend and -1 for a negative one. The temp term involves various input variables, Auto Fibonacci dm and CM, with values determined by conditional statements.

Volume, trend, and temp are then multiplied together and scaled by 100 to yield the volume force.

Klinger Volume Oscillator Formula

Here, ‘volume’ denotes the trading activity of a security, index, currency, or contracts during a specified period. The ‘trend’ factor evaluates the high, open, and close prices in relation to previous readings to determine the qualitative trend.

A positive trend indicator is assigned a value of +1, while a negative trend is assigned -1.

The ‘temp’ factor is more complex, ZigZag Arrow Indicator involving multiple input variables (dm and CM) with their values determined by conditional statements. If CM equals zero, ‘temp’ takes on a value of -2. Otherwise, it equals the absolute value of two times (dm/CM – 1).

The three components (volume, trend, and temp) are multiplied and then scaled by 100 to yield.

Klinger Oscillator Kvo Indicator

Two exponential moving averages, typically set to 34 periods and 55 periods (adjustable in trading software), are computed for the volume force. he oscillator becomes positive when the 34-period EMA exceeds the 55-period EMA, indicating an uptrend.

Conversely, a negative oscillator suggests a downtrend when the 34-period EMA falls below the 55-period EMA.

The 55-period EMA is subtracted Hull Moving Average from the 34-period EMA. When the 34-period EMA exceeds the 55-period EMA,

the oscillator value is positive, indicating an uptrend. Conversely, when the 34-period EMA falls below the 55-period EMA, the oscillator value is negative.

Applications of the Klinger Volume Oscillator:

Traders often pair the Klinger Volume Oscillator with a 13-period exponential moving average, which can be plotted alongside the oscillator.

The Klinger volume oscillator is often used alongside a 13-period exponential moving average. If the 13-period EMA crosses the oscillator during an upswing, it generates a bullish signal, while a crossover during a downswing is considered bearish.

Klinger Oscillator Kvo Indicator

A bullish signal occurs when the 13-period EMA crosses Strategy above the oscillator during an uptrend, while a bearish signal is generated when this crossover happens during a downtrend.

This approach produces seven signals with corresponding Adaptive Moving Average entry and exit points, marked by vertical white lines and labeled as Buy or Sell Indicator MT4.

Typically, it results in six winning trades and one losing trade. For further signal filtration, additional indicators or different forms of technical or fundamental analysis may be employed.

Example #1: Klinger Oscilator MT5 Indicator

By incorporating a 50-period simple moving average, signals align with the trend direction dictated by the moving average’s slope.

Example #2:

The Klinger volume oscillator can identify best Trading strategy instances of divergence between price and volume, offering valuable insights.

When volume rises while prices fall, it may signal a bullish opportunity, while falling volume amid rising prices could suggest a potential reversal.

The Klinger volume oscillator is a trend reversal indicator centered on the concept of volume force, which blends factors related to trend and volume.

It often employs a signal line for trade confirmation, with a cross during an upward-trending oscillator indicating a long signal and a cross during a downward-trending oscillator signifying a short signal.

How to Use the Best Klinger Oscillator

Divergence between volume and price is a key aspect analyzed by many technical analysts, providing indications of potential market movements. The oscillator provides seven distinct signals, marked by vertical lines denoting trade entry and exit points, labeled as Buy or Sell.

Typically, traders maintain a long position until a sell signal emerges, and vice versa. To enhance signal accuracy, additional indicators or forms of analysis may be employed.

How to Use the Best Klinger Oscillator

Furthermore, the oscillator can be used in conjunction Exponential Moving Average with a 50-period simple moving average to align trades with the prevailing trend.

Additionally, the Klinger Volume Oscillator can identify divergence between price and volume, which may be significant for technical analysts.

Is Klinger oscillator leading or lagging indicator?

When volume trends upward while prices fall, it may be considered a bullish sign, and the opposite scenario may suggest a potential reversal. Traders can take advantage of these divergences to make informed trading decisions.

the Klinger Volume Strategy Oscillator serves as a trend reversal indicator, Klinger Volume Oscillator Indicator A signal line often confirms trade entries, with a cross during an uptrend signaling a buy and during a downtrend signaling a sell.

Divergence between volume and price is closely monitored by technical analysts for its potential significance Klinger Volume Oscillator Indicator in forecasting market moves.