Online Trading Academy Reviews 2024

online trading academy reviews 2024

Ist’s online trading academy or power trading radio hosted by one of these goons from the now-defunct .

it’s been about seven years when you’re resigned to doing infomercials that’s when you know that the old radio career is pretty much over and done with but putting that aside Online Trading Academy……. First question has there ever been a paid infomercial where they tried to get you to come out to some free seminar……..

It was worth your while that wasn’t trying to sell you some really overpriced and or inferior product like an annuity index universal life insurance a non-traded reit some market timing service or ,,,,,,,,,,,

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1)+ Online trading academy reviews complaints

There ever how many times have you been told never go to free seminars but yet there’s always people who somehow never got the memo but so instead of get rich in real estate this one is about how to be

  • Just like every other information that you hear on the radio selling a financial product or service what are they doing they’re trying to appeal who are ignorant about how if you can’t handle stock market risk then you simply diversify into bonds but online trading academy ……..
  • They’re talking about people who got a 50-percent haircut in the market in 2009 strawman argument and the other straw man argument .
  • They use is to bash commission hungry brokers and the expensive mutual funds that they sell how convenient yeah brokers are salesmen you should avoid brokers………………………

We know that brokers are non fiduciaries nobody should  “online trading academy reviews from students ” ever go to a commission-based salesman who’s going to try to sell you expensive products like actively managed mutual funds ..

What they should do is a high a fee-only fiduciary and a one-timer one task basis or B use a light advice service like Vanguard which only charges about 0.3% per year or use a robo advisor many of which are free then invest in low-cost index funds.

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  1. If you’re retired or retiring soon and money is tight than the general advice for most people is that you needed to achieve your retirement goals but no more in other words don’t swing for the fences with one hundred percent of your money in stocks ..
  2. But yet online trading academy keeps presenting this straw man argument to appeal to people who don’t know anything about bonds because if you’re properly diversified into bonds you what your appetite for risk is and you stick with it ..
  3. If you’re panicking and losing sleep when stocks dropped ten percent twenty percent thirty percent forty fifty percent it’s your own fault for not being honest with yourself when you decided on your bond stock allocation ratio you should have you should have elected to put more in your bond index fund instead of your friggin stock index fund it….

online trading academy reviews

2)+ Reviews of online trading academy

But online trading academy what is their solution for somebody who failed to diversify yo bonds and got slammed in 2008 oh you need to learn how to become a day trader maybe you should start placing bets instead of being an investor anyway …

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( ………… trading academy mumbai reviews :First question how much does online trading academy cost and just the fact that they’re advertising on the radio that should tell you everything but according to some posts on Yelp the first class is seems to be read just a way to upsell a $300 three-day workshop then at the three-day workshop they try to pressure you to pay for increasingly more expensive classes eventually summing up to 25,000 to $50,000 you have got to be kidding me.. ))))))))))))

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3)+ Online trading course

If you’re paying 25 to 50 dollars of your precious after-tax money for trading classes instead of reading some books then you have no business trading stocks because you can’t manage your money you’re loose with your money here’s a novel idea for you are you ready for it ..

it’s called the bookstore say forty nine thousand nine hundred dollars
while supplies last but wait before you even go to that trouble here’s an even better idea ask yourself the question what percentage of people who study day trading are actually consistently making money now of course OTA claims that they get lots of positive reviews from graduates….

But since their brokerage accounts are not audited we don’t know what percentage of these people are losing money making money recouping the cost of these expensive classes etc what they do within their brokerage account is their own private business …

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