CCI Indicator for MT4 (Chart Settings Guide PDF)

cci indicator strategy

The Commodity Channel Index CCI Indicator is a momentum-based oscillator designed to assess the strength of price movements. It was initially developed for analyzing commodity markets but has since become popular across various financial instruments, including forex. The CCI Indicator …

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Best Candlestick Clock Indicator for MT4

Candle Time Indicator

The clock indicator with candlestick pattern recognition calculates the opening, high, low and closing prices of a given timeframe to determine whether there are candlesticks forming. The candlestick clock indicator is a tool that allows Trend Lines Indicator you to track …

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Coral Trend Indicators for MT4/MT5 (MQL4)

Coral Trend Indicators

What is Coral trend indicator? The Coral Filter is most popular indicator in Forex trading market. The Coral Filter, also known as the Coral Trend Indicator, Forex is an emerging trend of the industry is a linear Infinite Impulse Response …

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Elliott Wave Count MT4 Indicator – Download FREE

Elliott Wave Count MT4 Indicator

The Elliott Wave Count Indicator MT4 is a technical indicator that streamlines the process of detecting, counting, and plotting Elliott Waves. This Elliott Wave Theory indicator have high accuracy for profit. The Elliott Wave trading system focuses primarily on identifying patterns …

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