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Many trading strategies revolve around price trends, either following them because this is trend reversals. The Supertrend indicator is a widely used alert tool that helps identify the overall trend for Forex pairs and various other assets.

Supertrend Indicator Best Settings

Forex is becoming the center of interest for many new traders and investors.

This indicator is designed specially RSI Slope Divergence to help forex traders to perform their tasks more effectively and easily. Represented as a line on the price chart, this indicator accounts for price volatility, offering a clear view of potential uptrends or downtrends.

Supertrend Indicator

As forex is one of the most rapidly growing field. The Supertrend Line indicator, available for both MT4 and MT5 platforms, is a valuable addition to the MetaTrader suite.

It utilizes a combination of a moving average Supertrend Indicator and the average true range (ATR) to assess a trading instrument’s trend. Additionally, it provides alerts when trends change.

Is Supertrend indicator useful?

MT4/MT5 Supertrend indicator’s usefulness lies in its simplicity and its ability to assist in various scenarios:

  1. For trend-following strategies, aligning trades with the current trend. Trend is your friend. You can use this strategy with using trend.
  2. In trend-reversal strategies, identifying shifts in the trend for potential trading opportunities.
  3. In risk management, setting stop-loss levels Super Arrow Trend or using it as a trailing stop.
  4. As an exit signal, indicating when a trend might reverse, prompting a trade exit.

supertrend indicator formula

Forex trading can help you to become a millionaire or atleast financially free in just a short time. The Supertrend Line indicator, widely popular among traders using MetaTrader platforms, is particularly effective in trend-following strategies.

To mitigate this, it’s advisable to combine Supertrend with other indicators for more reliable signals. While simple to use, Supertrend’s efficacy can be affected during market ranges Coral Trend Indicator leading to false signals.

How to read Supertrend indicator?

Reading the Supertrend indicator involves observing a single line on the chart. However, it’s crucial to remember that no indicator is infallible and may carry some degree of inaccuracy.

supertrend indicator formula

If candles lie above the line, it suggests a probable uptrend, and if below, a probable downtrend. A change in the line’s direction signals a possible end or reversal of the ongoing trend.


Parameters within the Supertrend indicator can be adjusted to fine-tune its sensitivity and response. These include ATR Multiplier, ATR Period, ATR Max Bars, Indicator Shift, and Trend Momentum Notification Options, which can trigger alerts when the Supertrend line changes direction.

For installation:

  • For MT4: Download the indicator file, copy the folders from the archive to the MQL4 folder, then restart or refresh MetaTrader 4.
  • For MT5: Follow a similar process Forex Guru but place the files in the MQL5 folder.

For downloading the MT5 Supertrend Line indicator, a free copy along with its source code is available via a provided link, accompanied by installation instructions for MT5 similar to those for MT4. Because of its potential, Forex is getting  alot of hype in the market.