TMA Non Repaint Alert indicator MT4

This indicator are updated version of the Triangular Moving Average (TMA) indicator introduces a non-repaint feature. This indicator non repaint indicator. I mean its more accuracy trades. Triangular Moving Average (TMA) indicator  have best part of your life.

All alerts execute within the non-repainting area, allowing you to analyze historical trading data using TMA signals effectively.

Extreme TMA Non Repaint System

The original indicator often repainted its signals, making it challenging to accurately assess historical data due to constant adjustments. We are using this indicator from last 2 years. And I am making good profit every month.

TMA Non Repaint Alert indicator

This new version addresses this issue by introducing a parameter that shifts the indicator values without repainting within a specific period.

The TMA line marked with dots represents NON-Repaint Indicators the repainting area, while the solid TMA line indicates the non-repainting zone. If you want profit for monthly basis then use this Triangular Moving Average (TMA) indicator and make your trades happy.

When operating in the non-repainting mode, the indicator shifts the repainting values to the right side, preventing unwanted alterations that could impact alerts.

TMA Non Repaint Alert Indicator Setting

This updated version includes several enhancements compared to the original:

  • An additional adjustable signal line
  • Repainting correction
  • ATR channel integration
  • Alerts displayed with arrows for better time management
  • Integration of swing trading signals filtering
  • Two signal types: TMA line crossover and TMA channel breakouts


  • HalfLength: Period of TMA
  • Price: Price type for TMA
  • ATRMultiplier: Multiplier for ATR value (X of ATR value)
  • ATRPeriod: Period for ATR calculation
  • TMA_NonRepaint: If true, fixes TMA repainting by shifting values based on the HalfLength period
  • SignalPeriod: Period for the signal line
  • SignalMethod: Formula for the signal line average
  • SignalPrice: Price type for the signal line


  • Signal_Method:
  • TMA_Channel: Signal for channel breakout
  • TMA_Crossover: Signal for TMA and signal line crossover
  • PopupAlert: Enable terminal alert windows
  • SoundAlert: Enable sound alerts
  • IndicatorArrows: Enable drawing arrows
  • SMSPushAlert: Push alerts to your phone
  • EmailAlert: Email alerts to your phone

Extreme TMA Non Repaint System


  • Buy_ArrowColor: Color of buy arrows
  • Sell_ArrowColor: Color of sell arrows
  • Arrows_Width: Width of signal arrows
  • TMA_LINE: Color of TMA line
  • TMAMain_LINE: Color of the main TMA line
  • TOP_LINE: Color of channel top line
  • BOTTOM_LINE: Color of channel bottom line
  • SIGNAL_LINE: Color of the signal line

Tma Slope No Repaint Alert MT4

Triangular Moving Average (TMA) indicator have many setting who I tell you in this article .

if you will try with this setting TMA+CG Mladen then you can make profit easily. But every strategy have more option for making money. So keep your try every day, if you want earn money in forex market. In forex trading 90% people loss our money. So be care full.