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 Forex Tips and tricks

I will share difference trading style with all new forex trader .1st Gbpjpy tricks i will share with you that trick Most power full Hedging trick. Gbpjpy Most power full secret tricks In this Tricks 1st you wait for new day Market open Price

.When market open new day Then you note Price .Current market Open You open Two lot With Buy and sell with take profit 30 pips both buy entery and sell entery with stop loss 60 pips .

when market go Ist take profit  hit Buy or sell you past another Buy or sell order same with take profit 30 pips and stop loss 60 pips .non repaint chart indicator mt4

Every day Gbpjpy market open time must be move One side and you can Your profit easy .With 2nd entery buy or sell use double Alot size for example you 1st size 0.01  then must 2nd Open 0.03 same further easy book Daily 60 pips without Any Problem .

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Gold Trading Tricks indicators 99% win

  • Now i am sharning Gold trading Tricks Same like Gbpjpy Trcks.In gold trading almost 100% win trading Tricks.Stochastic Cross Alert indicator
  • If you have good account balance Like 5000$ account balance or more .In gold trading When market start new day open time you can note that point and Trad Buy lot 0.01 or sell lot same time open both.Same take profit set buy or sell 30 pips and stop loss set 60 pips .
  • When One take profit hit then take profit price set pending order buy or sell if up then buy if sell then down same take profit with target 30 pips and stop loss 60 pips you can get 60 green pips daily use this my forex 100% win method.
  • Mostly big trader Donot share this Forex method but i share  1st time Free without any cost .

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  • Broker Tricks 90% win mt4 system

In forex broker trading Tricks 100% win trading tricks.1st you need open two broker account any broker but he must provide Bonus and that Bonus Must be use able In equity .

Use able bonus means that bonus  support account balance.

Open two broker and invest 100$ both account for example if broker provide you 30% bonus like hot forex then one broker Open lot Buy eurusd pair and another broker sell eurusd .

One broker must be profit and one loss if broker profit then you earn 28$ per hedging trading its called broker hedging trading.