Trend indicator for Gold trading MT4 Free

Get free trend indicator for Gold and currency trading help you for daily market major trend.This indicator auto draw trend line in mt4 or mt5 buy sell with pips: target 100 pips in h4 time frame for 50 pips you can use h1 time frame.

In this market No have 100% forex win trading system but almost 90% accurate system you can get this like this trend indicator.When you start trading must use take profit and stop loss complete,

market money management .Best use For uk session also asia in gold pair or currency any pair you can use this download trend indicator for gold trading.

Trend indicator for Gold

Forex trending analysis Indicator

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Exchange Rate Indicator

Gold trading indicator


  • Open all zip file  and mt4 open then click file folder.
  • Go to indicator mt4 folder then past all indicator files this folder.
  • Zip indicator file past here then off mt4.
  • Open again mt4 or mt5 then go to indicator and attach indicator file mt4 any currency pair.
  • Download all this indicator setup click down link.

download gold trading system

check here all picture this indicator give you live mt4 signals buy or sell line.Follow this line and trad any gold or currency pair.

Download Trend indicator for Gold trading