Best Original Richard Dennis Turtle Trading MT4 System (Rule 2024)

Turtle trading system 2024 If you are looking for a complete trading system then turtle trading strategy may be the best option. This system defines every phase of trading as well as determine trader when to exit or enter according Software to the market trend, as well as richard dennis trading system define how much to trade and how you can be disciplined.

However, the known trader Richard Dennis developed the system, by using this trading system Richard reportedly borrowed $1600 and made successful $200 million in just a time frame of ten years.

Although consistency and richard dennis regularity is the crucial condition for success, according to Richard Dennis.

Turtle trading system is composite and simple at the same time.

What is the turtle trading system forex indicator?

This system or strategy is a legendary trend following system includes a variety of trending systems.

How does it work?

As mentioned above turtle trading system is mainly a trending system which follows trend mostly also in which price channels breakouts determine trade initiations that also described by the inventor of the system.

The turtle trading system basically incorporates two major mechanical strategies related to a trend known as system 1 and system 2.

turtle trading system

Besides system 1 is quite short-term and aggressive as compared to system 2. This system traded with the greatest liquid futures markets, which include:

System 1: it uses 20 days or four weeks breakout price as an entry while only two-week breakout price or the vice versa shows an exit.

Traders considered it buy in case the market create a new high of four weeks, and similarly, when the market shows new four weeks low it is depicted a sell.

Richard dennis turtle trading strategy

However, two weeks high/low depicted turtle trading book stop loss in the case when the price of the stock market goes below two weeks low so in the long position, traders should exit.

If the price of stock market goes high, two weeks therefore in short position traders should exit.

 Turtle trading rules 2: this system shows when the stock price gets the high of the 55 days preceding one should buy. But, when the stock price increases low at 55 days preceding one should sell.

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No matter the previous breakout richard dennis trading system has been a loser or winner, system 2 will be taken. Even though for long positions the exit of the system is 20 day low while for short position it is 20 days high.

What is the accuracy rate of the Turtle trading system?

The turtle trading system has not offered a great strike rate, it might be disappointing but don’t be. As its accuracy rate falls in between 30% or 35% but, of course, lowest accuracy does not bother at all if the reward rate is high.

Richard dennis turtle trading strategy

Turtle trading book It follows trends and sometimes it continues to follow the trend for weeks even for months hence traders can make a good profit richard dennis that surely enough or more than enough to compensate trade loss.

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In order to make money with this trading system, one needs to have consistency, discipline and confidence/faith.

The inventor also richard dennis turtle trading strategy advised being very constant in taking the entry, because it is the only way to make most of the profit from just two or more large trades.