USD Range SPX Climb and USDJPY Quiet Increasingly

That’s part of the opening 24 hours straight this week as well so we can USD Range SPX Climb and USDJPY Quiet Increasingly expect in the 24 hours ahead of us but we had some fireworks into the end of last week had a considerable potential of generating a breakout that has what is wrong way about myself and be in the view of risk as well as the demand for safety .

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US dollar but as you can see dollar has helped and risk Trends are on painting the S&P 500 put on a new record high close and she’s also he said that the six already an exceptionally low level has pushed even lower the vix volatility index versus PS3 500 former being flipped upside down and see if you’re still at exceptional strength levels of complacency .

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but the threat that we could have seen that could have played out it was the attempts of a military coup and turkey we had a reaction to death Ruby Rose Final hours of training.

Here we have usdtl laundromat near of remarkable decline in that currency and its significance of the safety pin was Stalin represent same thing is true of the Euro Turkish lira exchange rate but he failed after significant fire battle and subsequently .

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it seems that the status quo is being charged Carolyn implications of this attempt to remain to be seen other are certainly concerned that the turkey situation as well as relationships in the world population?

And obviously investment is going to be very cautious about entering into Turkish in Turkish assets should be said that the Turkish yes which this is the ishares msci Turkish ETF is one of the better performing regions on the year not so much anymore but this is a relative rate of change .

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Compared to the Emerging Market ETF waiting on a baseline to start the year you can see that now that’s significant drop in his mushroom now this could have been a system expel over it as they talk about in the weekly fundamental forecast webinar we take away from this is not the lasting influence of the Turkish issue for the turkey situation but rather the sensitivity with the market has warts contagious in Turkey .

USDJPY Quiet Increasingly

It should be arguing is not easy or Central fundamental impact the Global Financial system I can’t say that the turkey and the rest of the world becomes unstable or can I say that a political or financial crisis financial situation European and American centers .


Butt we are reaching for risk this is way to pay record high prices as is the case with the S&P 500 at the same time that we expect remarkable remarkably low returns record high cost of investment with the expectation of record low charge these are the types of markets in which complacency is the dominant Factor where low volatility must be sustained if we are going to see the kind of foundation built upon maintain itself otherwise this is increasingly dependent.