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VSA trading system I want to explain my training set up basically so what I do when I what I do when i open the charts: I first zoom-out chart this is the first thing that:

I do and try to find the trend line it’s okay there is no trend line if there isn’t you just don’t throw any but I try to find the trend line VSA trading system with three churches.

VSA trading system

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It was already drawn it was these 11 touch to touch the street churches, and now we have the fourth touch, but here it was activated already you can see here prices reverted to the trend- line:

You can also get Forex non repaint Indicators which often happens so and then i have the alert system analytical vs a trailer.

forex Trading system VSA

I have the supports resistance indicator spread indicator reaches this information here in the volumes of course so I want to show the settings of these of these indicator i believe do the full settings for the most part i just changed these parts which is I open a early shots to trade into the eye opener or the shots and sets alerts and fit into true until alerts far too true .

Forex VSA Strategy

Support and resistance

I will get dollars son of this time friends and then you are also have to come here and sets these two true this is for supports and resistance salads this is this includes this includes break notes and when prices are near support or diseases then trendline spoon choose these two true too and yeah that’s its ok so when we got all these setups you can see here i got another it’s because moving averages up this is actually moving average turn here on h4 .

I also what’s not on this bar but on the previous borrowing or two dollars of nearby train line which is appropriate trendline easier and but I what I’d like to see here is for prices- to come down the beats prices are on the plane now so avoid buying on wave always buy when prices are our honor down wave because it will often reverse against.

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I can show you all the shots i have here that this is the pounds new Zealand dollar this is a recently that i did so long trades what I’d one idea here is that.

t I can this explain it we are the resistance here on this level now it’s broken but at the time it was broken right there it was broken here but then prices went kind of sideways in come here again that’s where that’s:

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when I got the dealers because prices were nearer previous broken releases so csir the strong signal major demands in the background was strong too because there is no signs of distribution here just surprised which is most the sergeant’s apply this is because there are locked into either selling here.

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it was fine i bought it and that kind of a quick profit in a few hours is it’s on the weak signal here supply single and then he Traverse again and now it the smart money’s by a bach party here this is this is something we use you see many times in these type of cases because what happens here is that many:

people see a breakout in the credit immediately they just go along here they belong and where do they play stop us just below the broken diseases so what we have here it’s called the shakeout this is to get I’ll do stop losses that were placed here.

I’ll do stop losses we eat and the and when do you stop losses are hit something is buying when stopping loss is its depth writer is selling his because he’s long and the smart money’s being here this is just to get stops and prices even-even went lower here this really got a lot of stop losses.

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This is a bullish this is definitely a foolish bullish indication that i just couldn’t read this now because this is in a trading range now between these line in this one and the prices are just going sideways, and these will be good by these prices were here dear this is this lower mine now: it’s just in the middle of the training and share with anything can happen the accumulation can go on in prices will go down or maybe a trend will emerge finally also on so i also want to speak on the number of shots that i have opened but i have about 20-something charts.