Gravestone Doji Pattern Indicator (2024) For MT4/MT5 Free

The Gravestone Doji indicator is a type of indicator that tells that when opening, closing, high and low prices will become neat to each other. This indicator is used to tell the open and close high and low-price values of a market.

This Candlestick Chart Patterns shows a shadow line on the chart when the line goes up and show uptrend line. This indicator tells when the that when the trend will down and the price actions.

The Gravestone Doji Reversal it is used to know the high and low and open and close actions of price movements. This strategy is used for short term trading purpose and can also be used for long term but for both term there are different conditions. This strategy protects traders from loss. Mostly traders use it for estimating the levels of price action patterns that can be occurred in the next movement of market price and they can make decisions for future on the base of downtrend line.

Gravestone Doji Scanner Indicator For MT4

It is used to know the next price trading conditions in market trading. This indicator   can be used with any forex trading strategy and can also be applicable for any currency pairs.

Gravestone Doji Scanner Indicator

In the gravestone doji indicator the trader can save his currency from wrong move by creating different doji patterns in the chart. This can be usable for short time and also for long timeframe. It clears all risk chances and increases the power of profit. The patterns occur when a trader takes a move for short or long-time frame.


The Gravestone Doji indicator consists of sessions. At the early stage a session is created. A session moves start to end. At the end point the session show either the trend is up or down. This also indicates that the session and the trend is for long term or short term. The indicator’s pattern tells the condition of trend on the base of price actions. The sessions tell that when the trendline will became down and shows that the trend is weak. There are two type KS sessions the one is for opening and the second one is for closing. At the end of the closing session the down trendline is displayed.

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The Gravestone doji can also be used for taking profit and opening in a market with a positive sign. Dragonfly is the opposite of the gravestone doji indicator.

Gravestone Doji Candlestick Pattern

This indicator identifies that a downtrend is coming in the market trend. This candlestick has different price patterns that can be displayed on the chart through bar lines. These pattern bars help traders to know the price ul and down levels and open and close activities in a market trading.

Gravestone dDoji at Bottom Arrow Indicator

The gravestone doji is appeared at the end of the down trend. So, it’s mean that a trader can find an uptrend with the help of the gravestone doji indicator. When a gravestone doji pattern identifies then the traders take leave from long trading positions and get start from short trading positions. This indicator is used for technical and analytical analysis of market trading.

Gravestone dDoji at Bottom Arrow Indicator

It is important that traders should keep in mind when they are in the condition of trading that the volume of sessions, all session activities and the price actions. This tells the accuracy and usability of a gravestone pattern.

The Gravestone doji is a famous indicator. The traders use this indicator for knowing the trending conditions of the market. No doubt, if we match this indicator with other indicators the gravestone doji indicator also have some problems.

The traders that use this indicator does not go to next step of trading until the next candle pattern does not give any confirmation about the trading decision.

Up trend

The gravestone doji indicator also tells the uptrend condition. When the volume of the session is going high then the market trend is also up and the trend is called as up trend. The uptrend line is displayed with a shadow line on the chart.

Dragonfly Doji in Uptrend

Down trend

The gravestone doji indicator tells the down trend condition. When the volume of the session is going low then the market trend is also down and the trend is called as down trend. The downtrend line is displayed with a shadow line on the chart.

Dragonfly Doji in Uptrend

Risk Handling

This indicator is good for the protection of risk at different levels with the help of price actions and the condition lf market trading. Trader invest money in different positions to reduce the risks. The investment may be in the form of loss or profit. It is mostly used where the traders did not know the future movements of the price. The traders sell or buy a currency at a single price or may be combination of two prices. some traders use positive and negative results of the patterns on the chart. So, the gravestone doji handles risk with the help of price actions and gravestone doji patterns.

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Gravestone Doji Patterns

In this indicator there are price action patterns. These patterns are represented by a chart line. The movement of these price patterns tells the price levels either the levels will up or down. These levels tell that the trend will up or down. As usual, if the trendline will up the three will be a strong change in price through the price actions and of the trend line will low then may be this is a loss.

Gravestone Doji Candlestick Pattern For MT4

Stop loss and Gain profit

The gravestone doji indicator is a stop los and profit gain indicator. This indicator shows the low-price patterns that tells the lowest price levels that are done in the past for market trading and protect traders from loss. This is known as stop los. These patterns tell all the activities that shows the lower price results in the market.

The uptrend patterns allow traders to gain profit. It helps right move of price of trader. These patterns help trader for estimating the risk and going profit. If the size of the trend is becoming high then this is a sign of profit for the trader.  if the sign will become down from line then the prices will be low and if the sign move above the line then then there is a strong change in the market trend and the traders will get profit.